translation: The mailing list may require your subscription before accepting your post. Please note that being registered with Nabble does NOT automatically subscribe you to this mailing list. If you haven't subscribed yet, please do it now. If you aren't sure or don't remember, just subscribe again because there is no harm.

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<translation><from>The mailing list may require your subscription before accepting your post. Please note that being registered with Nabble does NOT automatically subscribe you to this mailing list. If you haven't subscribed yet, please do it now. If you aren't sure or don't remember, just subscribe again because there is no harm.</from><to>Es posible que la lista de correo requiere que te suscribas antes de aceptar tu mensaje. Por favor, ten en cuenta que estar registrado con Nabble NO te suscribe automáticamente a la lista de correo. Si aún no te has suscrito, por favor, hazlo ahora. Si no estás seguro o no lo recuerdas, simplemente vuelve a suscribirte, ya que está acción no produce ningún efecto negativo.</to></translation>